Connecticut Passport Agency

This page provides the contact information for the Stamford passport agency in Connecticut. If you need to apply for a passport, then call this location to schedule an appointment. The Connecticut Passport Agency can also assist you with any questions or issues you might have about your passport. We also provide additional information to help with the passport application process, including the required documents, application fees, instructions for when you arrive and other helpful information.

Passport Filing Services

If you are traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks or need to obtain a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you are eligible to schedule an appointment at this passport agency with proof of travel. Will call (pickup) service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel.

Passport Appointment & Fees

Appointments are required at all passport agencies. There is no charge to make an appointment at a passport agency and customers should not pay anyone or any business making such a charge. You must pay the $60 expedite fee in addition to application fees to apply at this agency. Proof of travel is required when applying at this agency.

Will call service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel abroad (leaving within 5 business days). The agency will advise you when the passport will be ready for pickup at will call based on your documented travel plans. For all other customers, passports will be issued within 8 business days of applying at the agency. During your appointment, the agency will advise how the passport will be sent to you.

  • Passport Agency Location

  • Connecticut Passport Agency
    850 Canal Street
    Stamford, CT 06902
  • Passport Agency Phone Number

  • The phone number to call the Stamford passport agency is 877-487-2778 TTY: 888-874-7793.
  • Passport Agency Office Hours

  • Monday - Wednesday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
    Thursday: 10:30am to 3:30pm
    Friday: 8:30am to 3:30pm

Connecticut Passport Agency Driving Directions

Take Interstate 95-S to Exit 7, Atlantic Street. Make a left at the first traffic light onto Canal Street. The agency is located half a mile on the left at 850 Canal Street.

The Connect Passport Agency is one of 27 locations that individuals may need to visit in order to obtain their travel documents. These facilities are responsible for receiving applicants’ requests and assisting them in receiving their documents more quickly than they could through a standard passport office. For these reasons, only individuals who have immediate travel plans can apply at these agency locations.

Whether you need to apply for a passport card or book and only have a limited amount of time to gather your materials, agency representatives can help you. The information below explains how you can go about scheduling your appointment at one of these facilities, as well as where you can find the Connecticut Passport Agency. Once you arrange theis meeting, you can speak with a passport representative and take additional steps to ensure you receive your documents on time.

Can anyone apply for a passport at an agency?

Before you ask, “Is there a passport agency near me that I need to visit?” know that not all individuals are required to visit these facilities. In fact, you must meet specific criteria before you can apply for a passport at one of these government agencies. Usually, these requirements relate to time. You must be preparing to leave the country within the next three weeks in order to apply at the Connecticut Passport Agency.

If this does not describe your situation, you do not need to apply at the agency and must submit your materials at a passport office instead. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can still request to have your passport expedited when you apply at the agency, if you want to receive your documents sooner. The majority of child and first-time adult passport applicants need to submit their requests at these offices and there is usually more than one office location in every community.

How do I schedule an appointment at a US passport agency?

You need to have an appointment at the Connecticut Passport Agency before you can come in and discuss your circumstances with a federal employee. As a result, you must know how to get a passport appointment scheduled at one of these agencies. There are two ways that you can arrange these meetings. You can call the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) and schedule your conversation by phone. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment online. This feature is available through the U.S. Department of State’s official website. Through this site, you may:

  • Schedule a new appointment.
  • Confirm an appointment you already scheduled.
  • Reschedule an appointment.
  • Cancel an upcoming appointment.

Where to Find the Connecticut Passport Agency

The Connecticut Passport Agency is located in Stamford, and this office is accessible via the city’s public transportation routes. Applicants need to be sure that they schedule appointments at this facility before they plan on coming in and speaking with a federal representative. Furthermore, individuals need to know that this passport agency maintains hours on Thursday that are different from the other days of the week. The agency is located at:

850 Canal Street
Stamford, CT 06902