Add Pages To US Passport

This page povides information on how to add pages to your passport. If you travel frequently, you may request to be issued a larger passport book with 52 pages. Of those, 43 are blank to be used for visas and country entry/exit stamps. You may also add additional pages to a valid passport. Additional pages are added in packets of 24 blank visa pages.

Requesting a Larger Passport Book When Applying

To request a larger (52 page) passport book at no additional cost, simply check the 52 page box at the top of your passport application:

Adding Additional Pages To Passport

If you travel frequently, you may add additional pages to your valid passport if you can meet the following requirements:

Please note that some countries have certain restrictions and may not allow you to enter if you have less than six months validity remaining on your passport. It is recommended that you apply for a new passport in these instances.

To add additional pages, you must submit Form DS-4085 with your current passport and fees. You can request one or two packets of 24 blank pages to be added for the same price. You may:

You may submit Form DS-4085 by mail to the address on the form, or if you have upcoming travel plans (within 2 weeks) or you need to obtain a foreign visa (within 4 weeks), schedule an appointment at a Passport Agency or Center and submit it in person.