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Your Guide to Passport Renewal Form DS 82

Form DS 82 is the document you may need to use to renew your passport before or after it expires. If you are an adult applicant, you may be able to use this document to renew either a passport card or book with this form. However, keep in mind that not everyone can submit a US passport renewal request with this document. In fact, you must be sure that you meet specific eligibility requirements before you can request to extend your passports by applying with this form.

Many international travelers want to know how to renew a passport before their documents expire. In some instances, individuals may also be curious about this process after their passports are no longer valid. Regardless of the situation, requesters should understand the requirements that are associated with using this passport renewal form. The sections below outline these prerequisites that applicants need to meet. Furthermore, additional sections explain what individuals need to do to apply for a US passport renewal before they plan their next trip out of the country.

Who can renew a passport using Form DS 82?

Not everyone can submit the passport DS 82 form when they are ready to renew their travel documents. In fact, there are certain scenarios that can prohibit requesters from applying using these forms. They are outlined below. If any of the following circumstances apply to individuals, they may not file their passport renewal request using Form DS 82:

  • Passport condition – If applicants’ previous passports were lost, stolen or severely damaged, they cannot submit a passport renewal request using this form. This is because requesters are required to turn in their current passports to the government when they request renewals.
  • Child passports – Applicants cannot renew child passports. As a result, individuals who were younger than 16 years of age when they received their most recent passports will need to apply for a new passport.
  • Passport age – Individuals may not request a US passport renewal for any cards or books that were issued more than 15 years ago.
  • Name changes – Requesters who changed their legal names since their last passports were issued may be able to renew their documents using the passport form DS 82. However, individuals may not renew their identification with this form if they cannot provide legal proof that their name changes took place.

Where to Find Passport Form DS 82

If you are wondering how to apply for a passport renewal, remember that you must first obtain a copy of DS-82 so you can submit your request. Regardless of where you are located in the United States, this document is easy to access. Sometimes, you can find a copy of these applications at your nearest US passport office. A passport office also serves as an application acceptance facility, which you may have visited when you applied for your first passport document.

Many cities and towns have these passport office facilities that you can visit, regardless of how large the community is. This is because many passport offices are located in public libraries, post offices or other government buildings. If you are wondering, “How can I find a passport office near me?” know that you can access a list of these facilities on the U.S. Department of State’s official website. Once you find a facility near you, call it directly to see if there are any applications there.

Alternatively, individuals who have access to the internet and a printer can obtain a copy of Form DS 82 online that they can then submit to passport authorities. A PDF copy of this document is available on the federal government’s website. Applicants must print this document and write out their responses to all of the questions by hand. Anyone who prefers to type up the responses rather than write them out may use the DS 82 fillable form. This method helps to ensure that applications are neat and easily legible.

What documents do I need to file a US passport renewal request?

In addition to a completed copy of Form DS 82, there are specific items that applicants are required to submit with their renewal requests. These items include:

  • The applicant’s most recent passport card or book – Requesters need to mail their latest passports alongside their completed renewal applications. If applicants cannot do this, they may not renew their documents using this form.
  • Proof of name changes – If individuals apply for a US passport renewal and their names have changed since their previous passports were issued, they need to submit proof of these changes. Examples of acceptable proofs include marriage certificates, divorce records or other court orders.
  • A colored photograph – Applicants need to submit a photo along with their renewal passport application. The photo subjects need to be centered in these images, and they must face forward. Furthermore, applicants cannot wear head coverings or glasses in their photos unless they provide an official note that explains why they cannot remove these items.
  • Payment – There is a DS 82 fee that all individuals need to pay when they apply with this form. This renewal fee is $110 for the passport book applicants and $30 for the passport card. Requesters can pay these fees either by submitting a check or money order that is payable to the U.S. Department of State.
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How to Submit Passport Form DS 82

Once you fill out the passport form DS 82, you need to submit it. If you are working with a paper application, you need to mail this application to the National Passport Processing Center so it can be processed. The exact location that you mail your request to depends on where you live. Alternatively, you can renew a passport online with a third-party provider if you do not want to mail your documents.

After you submit your applications, you may wonder, “How long does it take to renew a passport?” Usually, this process takes several weeks. However, if you need your passport within the month or even within a few days, you can have your US passport expedited for an additional fee. The exact amount that you would be responsible for paying can differ based on how quickly you need your passport.