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This page allows you to search for a passport office location. Use the search form below to enter the address you want to find the passport building near you. They can help you with questions or issues about your passport. You can also call your local passport office to schedule an appointment to start the application process.

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Use the search form above to find a passport office near you.

Your Complete Guide to the US Passport Office

The US passport office is a facility that anyone traveling to another country needs to visit before taking a first trip abroad. These sites are available in different cities and towns across the nation. Those who have never obtained passport books or cards before are required to visit these offices and fill out their requests for their first travel documents in person. This is also true for applicants who are younger than 16 years of age, regardless of how many passports they have had in the past.

In many cases, applicants assume that the US post office passport locations are the only places where they can request these federal identification documents. However, this is not always the case, and petitioners need to learn about the options that are available to them before they commit to visiting a particular location. Likewise, candidates need to be aware of the various passport office services that are available to them at these facilities. The sections below outline what applicants can expect from these locations and how they can find offices that work best for their needs.

Do all government buildings have a passport office?

Generally, passport offices are available at different federal locations throughout the country. However, remember that not all of these government buildings can serve as a US passport office for applicants. Furthermore, some of the facilities that you can visit to request your documents may surprise you.

In addition to the post office, certain cities permit local libraries to act as a passport acceptance facility. Additionally, some government buildings, such as city offices, can also accept certain passport applications. Since there is variety among which facilities are able to accept these documents, be sure to call specific locations they want to visit and confirm their services beforehand.

How do I find a passport office near me?

There are various US passport office locations throughout the country that candidates can visit to apply for their federal passport books and cards. However, applicants must remember that there is no one standard rule that can apply to which federal offices and buildings can accept these documents. Therefore, anyone seeking a passport needs to be sure to check whether or not certain locations are approved to accept federal passport applications before attempting to file any requests there.

One of the easiest ways for applicants to verify whether or not a location takes passport applications is to visit our search box below and find passport offices near you. Website visitors have the option of searching for facilities by city or ZIP code. Once they complete their searches, they will receive a list of library and post office passport facilities they can visit to apply for their documents. Alternatively, applicants who already have locations in mind that they would like to visit can call these offices and request information about service options by phone.

Does the US passport office have applications on hand?

Travelers who do not have access to a computer or the internet may need to visit a passport office to obtain blank copies of these applications. For example, individuals may be able to get a passport application at the post office or other similar locations. However, not all facilities are guaranteed to have these documents on hand. For these reasons, passport applicants should call these locations and confirm that passport application forms will be available to them beforehand.

However, those who already have a passport must be aware that they may not be able to complete a passport renewal at the post office or similar facility. This is due to the fact that adult applicants who have already obtained their passports may be required to file their petitions by mail. Those who are not sure if this requirement applies to them should confirm this information with passport program officials.

Can I get my picture taken when I visit the passport office?

There are various services that applicants can access when they visit the passport office. One of these options includes having a professional photo taken. This is a common post office passport service that is available at many different facilities. While not all post offices across the country offer these services, many do. Therefore, individuals should call these facilities beforehand and ensure that photo services are available at those particular locations.

However, those who cannot get their passport photos taken at the office where they apply can probably find other locations in their communities where they can have these pictures taken. Often, pharmacies and similar stores offer these services to clients. Examples of locations that offer these photography options include:

  • CVS.
  • Costco.
  • Rite Aid.
  • Walgreens.
  • Walmart.

What fees do I need to pay to get a passport?

Regardless of which US passport office facilities you visit, you will be responsible for paying various fees when your requests are processed and completed. The majority of these fees vary depending on how old you are and whether or not you are requesting federal identification cards and books for the first time. Generally, the passport fees at the post office and other similar locations differentiate depending on whether applicants are older or younger than 16 years of age. These fees include:

  • Child passport book applicants – $80
  • Child passport card applicants – $15
  • Child passport book and card applicants – $95
  • Adult passport book applicants – $110
  • Adult passport card applicants – $30
  • Adult passport book and card applicants – $140
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Furthermore, remember that first-time applicants are also responsible for paying a $35 acceptance fee when they visit their local passport office. Likewise, children who have had passport documents issued to them in the past also need to pay these fees when they get new documentation.

Similarly, applicants may need to pay additional passport office fees if they request extra services at these facilities. For example, those who need their passports in a short period of time must pay additional fees to have their passports processed or shipped quickly. Alternatively, applicants who do not want to pay this fee at the US post office may have their passports expedited online through a verified third-party provider.