Your Guide to the Walgreens Passport Photo

The Walgreens passport photo services that are available to individuals who need federal identification cards are well-priced and comprehensive. Many prospective customers want to know, “Is there a Walgreens passport photo center near me?” Clients can obtain these professional images at various locations throughout the country, and the fees that are associated with these services rival competitors’ prices. As a result, these photos are relatively easy for most consumers to obtain.

Once petitioners know where they can find their closest Walgreens passport picture facilities, they need to know how they can go about obtaining images from these locations. However, there are certain fees and processes that customers need to pay and complete before they can receive their photographs. The sections below outline some of consumers’ most relevant questions regarding the store’s services, and includes information that explains how applicants can obtain these products.

Does the Walgreens passport photo meet federal requirements?

Walgreens passport photo facility workers across the country are skilled professionals when it comes to ensuring that customers’ photographs meet federal passport requirements. The specific criteria that all approved images need to meet include:

  • Photo subjects must be positioned in front of a white or off-white background.
  • Images must be 2x2 inches in size.
  • Pictures must be printed on a matte or glossy paper.

Where can I get my Walgreens passport photo taken?

There are various locations throughout the country where applicants can go to get their Walgreens passport photo taken. There are roughly 6,500 stores throughout the country, and the majority of these facilities offer passport photo services to customers. However, not all of the chain’s locations take and sell passport pictures to clients. For these reasons, applicants need to call their nearest Walgreens locations to verify whether not these stores offer photography services before they visit to obtain their photos.

How should I dress to get my Walgreens passport photo taken?

When customers go to get their Walgreens passport photo taken, they need to remember that they are responsible for dressing in a way that meets federal guidelines and regulations. These dress code rules are as follows:

  • Wear day-to-day clothing: When customers come in to get a Walgreens passport photo taken, they need to be sure that they are wearing normal clothes that they usually wear regularly. While not explicitly stated in the federal government’s guidelines, photo subjects should also be sure that they do not wear any distracting patterns that can become distorted in the image.
  • Do not wear glasses: In most cases, passport applicants may not wear glasses in their identification photos. This is true even if the individuals wear this eyewear every day. However, applicants may be able to keep their glasses on if they can get their doctors to provide notes that explain why the applicants cannot remove their glasses in their photos.
  • No head coverings: Regardless of whether candidates get their passport photo at Walgreens or another location, passport agencies usually will not use images when applicants have their heads covered. However, passport petitioners may keep their head coverings on in their pictures if their doctors or verified religious authorities can give statements that indicate that these coverings are necessary.
  • Remove technological accessories: Passport representatives will not accept any photos that show applicants wearing headphones or any other electronic devices.

Once applicants have arrived for their Walgreens passport photo session, they must also be sure that they position themselves properly for the photo. Clients need to be directly facing the camera, and they must have neutral expressions or natural smiles on their faces. Passport approval officials will reject any applicants who do not follow these requirements.

How much does a Walgreens passport photo cost?

Customers will likely want to know about the Walgreens passport photo price for the services they can obtain at the store. These fees can change from one year to another, but the total that applicants can expect to pay is usually comparable to what they would be charged at other similar facilities. However, to stay competitive in the passport photography market, the store occasionally offers a Walgreens passport photo coupon to customers who choose to purchase the store’s services. Sometimes, consumers may be able to use these coupons to lower their total photography bills by as much as $2.

In any case, applicants should be sure to check the Walgreens passport photo cost on a regular basis to ensure they know how much to pay and that they are getting good deals on their photos. These fees and promotions are usually displayed on the company’s website. Alternatively, customers can call their local Walgreens stores and ask about prices by phone.

How long does it take to get a Walgreens passport photo?

In many cases, candidates can have access to their Walgreens passport photo in short periods of time. In fact, various locations offer services that allow candidates to receive their pictures in less than an hour from when their photos were taken. Furthermore, the facilities that offer this same-day pickup option also allow store clients to retrieve their images at the site where the photos were taken. Regardless of when customers’ images are ready, they need to be sure that they check the Walgreens passport photo hours for their specific locations before they attempt to retrieve their prints. Furthermore, facilities will usually hold customers’ pictures for a short period of time after they are ready before discarding them.

Can I print a passport photo at Walgreens?

Potential customers frequently ask, “Can I print a Walgreens passport photo near me?” When clients have their pictures taken at Walgreens, the actual photo prints themselves are usually included in the fees they pay. However, candidates may be required to pay for additional prints, should they need more copies of their photos. In any case, applicants must remember that passport officials will only approve images that are less than six months old.

Individuals should keep this in mind if they want to use the Walgreens passport photo printing services at the store’s standard photography center. Furthermore, candidates who print their own images at these facilities need to be sure that they buy the appropriate passport size photo at Walgreens. Pictures that are too big or too small for passport purposes will be rejected, and applicants will be responsible for obtaining new photographs to submit with their requests.