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Your Guide to Passport Form DS 5504

Passport form DS 5504 is not a document that all travelers need to access. In fact, individuals only need to fill out this form if they need to correct their passports. Whether applicants notice errors in their new passports or their recent name changes are not reflected on their passports, these forms are what people need to use to relay their requests. In the majority of cases, it is simple for individuals to request a passport correction. However, applicants should be quick to file their passport DS 5504 request to ensure that they can obtain accurate passports as soon as possible.

If your travel documents are incorrect, this US passport application form can help you to notify the federal government and let them know you want to update your passport. However, you must also be aware that there are some additional circumstances that could give you reason for using this document. The following sections explain this process, while also providing information about where you can access passport application DS 5504. There is also a summary below about how and where you can submit your completed request.

Circumstances that Require You to Use Passport Form DS 5504

One of the most common reasons for individuals to need Form DS 5504 is because some of the information on their passports is not accurate. For these reasons, this form is often referred to as a passport correction document. With DS-5504, applicants can request to have the following pieces of information updated on their travel documents:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Birthplace
  • Other biographical information

Applicants must also remember that they can use this passport correction form if their documents are not displayed properly due to printing errors. Examples of situations that would qualify requesters under this category include passports that have crooked biographical data pages or document pages where information is missing. Furthermore, individuals must remember that they may only be able to request an edit to their passports with this form if they changed their names within one year since their documents were issued. Otherwise, they may need to request a new passport book or card by using a different application.

In addition to using this document to request a US passport name correction, applicants may also use DS-5504 if they were granted a limited-validity passport. This means that children who are younger than 16 received passports that were valid for fewer than five years. Likewise, individuals who are older than 16 years of age and had passports that were valid for fewer than 10 years may be able to use this US passport application form. However, applicants need to be aware that their passports must have been valid for shorter periods of time for particular reasons in order to use this form. Furthermore, many of these situations require that these limited passports were issued fewer than two years ago. In any case, qualifying situations could include:

  • Naturalization – If applicants were waiting for a replacement of their naturalization certificate and were given limited-validity passports as a result, they may be able to use Form DS 5504 to obtain a new document.
  • Sex changes – Requesters who were in the process of obtaining a sex change and received a limited passport may be able to receive a new document by filling out this form.
  • International emergencies – Individuals may be able to apply for a US passport renewal by submitting DS-5504 if they received emergency passport replacements while abroad.


Where can I find Form DS 5504?

If you want to file a passport request using DS 5504, you should first obtain a blank copy of this document online. There is a possibility that a US passport office may have copies of these documents. However, this is not certain. For these reasons, you should visit the U.S. Department of State’s official website and obtain download copies of these documents when you are ready to submit your request. These applications are available in PDF format, as well as through an interactive, fillable form that you can use if you do not want to write out your answers by hand.

Regardless of which of these methods you use, remember that you need to submit Form DS 5504 by mailing it to the federal government. Generally, you cannot deliver your completed DS-5504 form to one of the various passport office locations throughout the country.


What documents do I also need to submit out Form DS 5504?

Individuals who want to know how to apply for a passport correction or replacement using Form DS-5504 need to remember that they must submit specific documents alongside their applications. The federal government is likely to reject any requests that do not include the following items:

  • Current passport card or book – Applicants must submit the copy of the passport documents they were issued most recently.
  • Color photograph – Similar to when individuals submit a standard US passport application form, people who apply with DS-5504 must submit a recent color photograph of themselves. These images must comply with the federal passport photo requirements.
  • Relevant evidence – If individuals are using the Form DS 5504 application for a US passport correction, they need to submit legal proof of their name changes. This could include court orders, as well as marriage or divorce records. Likewise, applicants who received a limited-validity passport for reasons relating to citizenship need to provide the relevant naturalization documents.
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How to Submit Passport Form DS 5504

In the majority of cases, you must submit passport application DS 5504 by mail. Generally, you do not have the option of submitting these requests in person, even if you would prefer this method. However, remember that there usually are not associated fees that you need to pay when you are submitting DS-5504. Therefore, most applicants do not need to pay in order to obtain updated versions of their passport books or cards.

However, remember that you will need to pay fees if you request to have your US passport expedited. With this option, you can receive your document sooner than you could through standard processing times. In fact, you can pay an extra fee and have your expedited passport processed quickly, and you can also pay to have your documents arrive via overnight delivery. Depending on when you need your documents, both of these measures could help ensure that your passport book or card arrives in time for your upcoming trip.