Your Guide to the USPS Passport Office

The United States Postal Service USPS passport office is one of the first places international travelers need to visit before they embark on international trips. At these locations, applicants can obtain passport books or cards, which serve as federal identification documents when they are out of the country. Depending on where candidates travel to and how they get there, they may need different forms of these documents. In any case, most petitioners who have never received these documents before may be able to visit specific USPS passport locations to obtain services.

Most individuals are able to obtain USPS passport services in their own communities. The majority of neighborhoods have their own post offices, which often offer passport application services to local residents. In fact, there are various services that applicants can obtain at these locations throughout the nation. The sections below outline some of the specific offers that applicants can receive at these facilities, as well as how they can obtain appointments to speak with USPS representatives in these offices. It is important that applicants understand the procedures that they need to complete in order to file their passport applications at these facilities. Petitioners who understand these regulations can lessen the likelihood that their applications will be rejected because they incorrectly filed their requests.

Do I need a USPS passport appointment?

Many first-time petitioners wonder, “Do I need to make a USPS passport appointment to submit my documents here?” Passport applicants should consider making appointments at their desired facilities before they visit and attempt to obtain services at these locations. This is true whether candidates are adults or children who are applying for passports or attempting to get professional photos taken for their identification documents.

Depending on the services applicants need to receive, it can take some time for them to get what they need at these facilities. Therefore, petitioners who need to save time should consider arranging their USPS passport appointment beforehand. Applicants can file these requests online, or they may be able to call the offices directly and schedule their appointments by phone.

Do all post offices offer US passport services?

USPS passport services are not available at every post office facility throughout the country. In fact, only certain offices have the ability to receive candidates’ passport applications. To help lessen the likelihood that applicants will arrive at a post office and be unable to submit their passport requests at these specific facilities, petitioners should research specific USPS facilities to see if they accept applications. Candidates can find this information online by visiting the USPS’ official website, for passport application service details.

Can I get a passport photo at the post office?

Candidates may wonder if they can obtain a USPS passport photo when they come to these facilities and apply for their international identification books or cards. In many cases, post offices that accept federal passport applications also provide petitioners with the opportunity to visit these locations and get their pictures taken onsite. However, applicants need to keep in mind that they should make a USPS passport appointment several days in advance before they plan to come in to receive these services. It can take a short period of time for petitioners to be photographed, and applicants need to plan for these encounters. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for applicants to schedule these appointments beforehand so they always know that representatives will be available at the post office to take their pictures and assist with paperwork.

How much does it cost to get a USPS passport?

The passports fees at USPS facilities should be researched by potential applicants before they visit these locations to obtain their federal documents. Depending on the specific services that petitioners need to obtain, the prices that applicants are expected to pay can vary.

First, all petitioners should be aware that they need to pay standard application fees for program services. These totals vary depending on petitioners’ ages. Individuals who are older than 16 years of age pay one specific fee, while children are expected to pay different fees. These fees are as follows:

  • Adult passport book: $110
  • Adult passport card: $30
  • Child passport book: $80
  • Child passport card: $15

Additionally, first-time applicants need to pay general acceptance fees when they visit the USPS passport locations and request their documents. For adults who have never received their passports before, a $35 fee must be paid. Children who apply for passports must also pay this passport acceptance fee. These fees apply regardless of whether or not they have received passport documents in the past. Furthermore, applicants may need to pay additional fees if they obtain a passport photo at the USPS facility.

Do I have to go to the post office to get a passport renewal?

When claimants need to obtain a USPS passport renewal for their books or cards, they may wonder if they can complete these tasks at their nearest USPS facilities. However, current passport holders need to be aware that they cannot always obtain updated copies of their documents in person. In fact, some candidates are only able to renew passports by mailing in forms to government authorities.

On the other hand, there are some individuals who must submit a passport application in person at the USPS office or another approved passport acceptance facility. These individuals technically are unable to renew their passports, and, as a result, must submit Form DS-11. This is also the document that first-time applicants must submit, as well as young applicants who are younger than 16 years of age.

In any case, candidates may be required to visit the USPS passport office or similar facility to obtain updated versions of their identification documents if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • Petitioners’ passports have been lost, stolen or damaged to the point of being unusable.
  • Petitioners’ most recent passports were issued before they turned 16 years old.
  • The most recent passports that applicants received were issued more than 15 years ago.
  • Applicants are unable to document their name changes that took place since their last passports were issued.