How to Get a Passport Fast in the United States

“How fast can you get a passport?” is a question you may have before you take your upcoming trip abroad. Usually, if you need to know how to get an expedited passport, you may have upcoming travel plans. In some instances, you may have had last-minute changes to your situation that cause you to need to go abroad. This could relate to unexpected business trips or family emergencies in other countries. Regardless of the circumstances, there are ways for you to obtain a passport with little notice.

Depending on how quickly you need your document, there may be various fast passport services available to you. These options are outlined in the sections below. It is important that you know what choices you have to obtain your ID in a timely fashion. By understanding which services are available, you can ensure that you find the fastest way to get a passport before you go abroad.

Where to Get a Same Day Passport

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to obtain a same day passport. This means that you would receive your identification on the same day that you apply for it. While this is an appealing option, it is not available to everyone. This is due to the fact that only specific individuals who need express documents can apply at a US passport agency. Only certain requesters qualify to use these facilities. Furthermore, not every location is guaranteed to have the capability to print passports for you the same day you apply.

In order to apply for a passport at an agency, travelers must have immediate travel plans. Specifically, individuals must need their passports ready within the next two weeks. Additional services are also available to applicants who need to travel within three business days for emergencies.

In any case, these are the only circumstances that permit applicants to obtain an emergency passport at these facilities. If candidates meet these requirements, they can use an agency to file their requests. However, requesters must schedule appointments first. Applicants must be sure that they bring the following items with them when they apply at an agency:

  • The applicant’s appointment confirmation number
  • Proof of immediate travel abroad
  • A completed passport form
  • A passport photo that meets federal requirements
  • Payment for all relevant passport fees

How to Request an Expedited Passport

Keep in mind that you can request an expedited passport even if you do not qualify to submit your application at a passport agency. In fact, travelers who have more than a few weeks to request their documents may do so at a community passport office. There are many of these facilities located throughout the nation. Child and first-time adult applicants are obligated to visit these locations and file their applications onsite.

If you want to know how to get a passport fast at an office, remember that this process is simple. You must first notify the government official of your intent and pay the associated fee, which is $60. However, similar to applying to have a passport expedited at an agency, you must pay this fee in addition to your standard application and acceptance fees.

Can I get my new passport mailed quickly?

If you want a quick passport, there is an additional way you can speed up the application process. The federal government mails passport applications and IDs through the postal system. Depending on the document you request, you may be able to pay for a passport express service for shipping. These options allow your documents to be expedited in transit. In turn, you can receive your new passport quicker. However, remember that you are responsible for paying for whichever of these additional expedited mailing services you choose.