Passport Requirements for Visiting the Virgin Islands

Many travelers know they need a US passport to visit a foreign country. Likewise, many travelers know they can usually travel around the United States and its territories with only a REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license. However, “Do you need a passport for the Virgin Islands?” is a question many travelers still have on their minds. This is not surprising, since the answer is slightly complicated. Depending on where you are going, you may need to fill out a US passport application form.

The Virgin Islands passport requirements for U.S. citizens vary. This is due to the fact that these islands are territories divided under the control of the United States and the United Kingdom. Passport requirements change depending on which country these islands are a part of. The following sections explain how you can tell what the requirements are for your destination. If you learn these guidelines before you travel, you can ensure you are prepared with the necessary documents.

US Virgin Islands Passport Requirements

Since the US Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, you do not need to apply for a passport before you visit. Instead of a US passport, you should be able to visit these islands with a REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license. If you cruise directly to this destination, you should also be able to prove your identity with a federal passport card. In any case, the US Virgin Islands consist of:

  • St. Thomas.
  • St. John.
  • St. Croix.

Do you need a US passport to visit the British Virgin Islands?

You need to visit a US passport office and apply for your federal travel ID before you visit the British Virgin Islands. Unlike the US Virgin Islands, these islands are a territory of the United Kingdom. As a result, you must submit a passport application and request your documents the same way you would if you were going to another foreign country before visiting. While you may be able to return to the United States with a government-issued ID and your birth certificate, it is unlikely you can step foot on these islands without a passport. Popular destinations that are included in the British Virgin Islands include:

  • Tortola.
  • Anegada.
  • Virgin Gorda.
  • Jost Van Dyke.