US Passport Fees

This page povides information on passport fees. Processing of your application can be delayed if the incorrect passport fee is submitted. Before you submit your passport application please read the information below.

Passport Fees For Adults (First Time Applicants Age 16 Years and Older)

Applying For Application Fee Execution Fee Form To Use
Passport Book & Card $140 + $25 Form DS-11
Passport Book $110 + $25 Form DS-11
Passport Card $30 + $25 Form DS-11

If this is your first time applying for a passport you then must apply in person at one of the following locations:

If applying on From DS-11 the passport execution fee will be charged to cover the costs of executing the passport application, which may include administering the oath, verifying the applicant's identity and transmitting the application. The execution fee must be paid at the time of application execution.

Passport Fees For Adults (Renewals 16 Years and Older)

Renewing For Renewal Fee Form To Use
Passport Book & Card $140 Form DS-82
Passport Book $110 Form DS-82
Passport Card $30 Form DS-82

All Minor Applicants (Under Age 16)

Applying For Or Renewing Application Fee Execution Fee Form To Use
Passport Book & Card $90 + $25 Form DS-11
Passport Book $80 + $25 Form DS-11
Passport Card $15 + $25 Form DS-11

Any minor applying for a passport, including renewals, must apply in person at one of the following locations:

Passport Agency
Authorized Passport Application Acceptance Facility
By Mail
U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Passport Payment Instructions

The processing fee to apply for a passport is considered non-refundable and is retained by the Department of State even if the passport was not issued.

Applicants must pay passport fees whenever they apply for these federal identification forms. Whether candidates are first-time applicants who wish to receive their passport cards or they are renewing these passport books after years of use, petitioners must provide mandatory fees to obtain their documents. Generally, these costs are denoted as a passport application fee, which individuals must pay whenever they submit their materials to have their passport requests processed. Therefore, candidates should assume that whenever they apply for passports, they will need to pay associated fees.

However, candidates must also remember that US passport fees vary, depending on who is requesting these documents and whether or not they are first-time applicants. This can be confusing to applicants, who are usually searching for this information when they are already stressed about planning their upcoming travel arrangements. To help make these travel state gov passport fees easier to understand for candidates, the following sections provide information regarding standard pricing and fees. The sections below are divided to explain how much applicants can expect to pay depending on the services they request, the types of documents they want and their ages.

Are there passport fees for passport books and cards?

Before applicants can determine how much they may expect to pay in US passport fees, they must first understand that there are different types of passports they can apply for. The two primary types of federal documentation that candidates can obtain are the passport card and the passport book. Cards usually come with a lower passport application fee than books do. However, cards are more limiting in terms of how and where individuals can use this documentation. For example, passport cards can only be used as international identification when users engage in land or sea travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean Islands. For any international air travel, however, individuals need passport books.

In any case, candidates need to remember that they may be able to reduce their passport fees at passport office if they purchase both documents at the same time. The government offers a money-saving option for petitioners who obtain the cards and books at the same time. This option is especially useful for applicants who do not know whether they need their passport cards or books and would like both.

US Passport Fees for Adults

The US passport fees for adults are slightly higher for first-time applicants. This higher fee pays for the additional processing work that federal employees need to complete in order to fulfill these requests. As a result, candidates who are at least 16 years of age and who have never had passports before are responsible for paying $35 acceptance or execution fees. Generally, candidates are required to pay these fees whenever they apply for documentation in-person at a passport office, and first-time applicants must apply in person. Furthermore, this fee is due in addition to the standard passport application fee for services that candidates are also required to pay. Regardless of the types of documents candidates wish to obtain, applicants should note the following necessary fees, including:

  • $110 for adults to apply for passport books.
  • $30 for adults to apply for passport cards.
  • $140 for adults to apply for passport cards and books at the same time.

Passport Renewal Fee for Adults

The passport renewal fee for adults is less than what candidates need to pay to obtain their documents in the first place. This is due to the fact that petitioners are not responsible for paying the execution or acceptance fees again. However, claimants need to remember that they will be responsible for paying their initial application fees once more. Therefore, the U.S. passport renewal fees for adults are as follows:

  • $110: Renewal of passport books
  • $30: Renewal of passport cards
  • $140: Renewal of both passport cards and books

US Passport Fees for Children

The passport fee for child applicants is lower than what adults can expect to pay for these federal identification documents. Regardless of whether children have had passports before or are simply renewing their documents, they are required to pay $35 execution or acceptance fees. This fee is added because children must apply for or renew their passports in person, whereas adults can renew their passport documents by mail. In any case, the passport application fees for children who are younger than 16 years of age are as follows:

  • $80: To apply for a passport book.
  • $15: To apply for a passport card.
  • $95: To apply for a passport book and card.

Expedited Passport Fees

There are associated expedited passport fees for candidates who need their federal documents in a short period of time. While these services are quick and efficient, applicants should expect to pay extra money for these conveniences. Through the federal Bureau of Consular Affairs, petitioners may need to pay $60 to expedite the passport application processes. However, these passport fees at the passport office can vary depending on how quickly candidates need their documentation.

On the other hand, applicants with limited time must also know that they may be able to expedite their passports by obtaining services through a trusted third-party provider. Similar to the federal expediting process, applicants who take advantage of this option will need to pay an additional passport fee for these special services.

US Passport Fees for Name Changes

Candidates are responsible for paying an additional passport fee if they need their names on their passports to be updated. Specifically, passport book users and cardholders need to pay this fee if they legally change their names due to situations, such as marriage or divorce. The US passport fees for these types of services can fluctuate due to various circumstances. However, petitioners who are requesting name changes can expect to pay upwards of $165 to have these alterations made on their documents.