How to Get a Passport Name Change

A passport name change is an update that many residents may need to obtain on their federal documentation at least once in their lifetimes. These updates can be necessary for a variety of reasons, and cardholders are responsible for keeping track of when they need to apply for and request a US passport name change. Additionally, applicants are responsible for paying any associated fees that come with their name change petitions, which they need to be aware of before submitting their requests.

Many passport holders may wonder how to change your name on your passport because this process may seem confusing or complicated. However, it can be easy to complete the name change quickly and conveniently. The information below explains the steps that applicants need to complete in order to request and finish this necessary procedure successfully. Furthermore, there is additional information below about fees candidates may need to pay when they fill out a passport name change form and where they must go to complete these tasks. By learning about these processes beforehand, candidates should encounter less stress when it comes time to complete these processes on their own.

When do I need to get a passport name change?

There are various circumstances that could require passport holders to get a passport name change. Sometimes, candidates need to submit a passport name change after marriage or divorce, and their passports need to reflect their new relationship status. In other instances, individuals may need to update their legal names on their passports because they changed their names for personal reasons. In any case, petitioners need to be sure that they update this information as quickly as possible. This is true whether they need to change last name on passport documents or their first name. Individuals who have name discrepancies among their legal documents may have more difficulty changing over their information to reflect the correct name later on.

Where do I go to get a passport name change?

Depending on applicants’ circumstances, they may have different methods they can use to submit their passport name change requests. Usually, this depends on how much time has passed since petitioners obtained their original passport documents. Therefore, candidates who would like to obtain name changes should take into consideration the following information when deciding how to complete this step:

  • Passports that were issued within the past year: Candidates who received their passport cards or books within the previous year are eligible to submit a US passport name change petition through the mail. As a result, these applicants do not need to go anywhere to complete this process. The application petitioners use in this case is the DS-5504.
  • Passports that were issued over a year ago: If petitioners received their passports over a year ago, they may be able to apply for a passport name change in person at a passport agency. These candidates must use Form DS-11. In some instances, however, they may be eligible to apply by submitting their requests through the mail. The application form that candidates use in these cases is the DS-82.
  • Passports issued at any time but with no legal documentation: Petitioners must submit the DS-11 passport name change form and apply in person when they cannot provide legal papers that document their name changes, such as marriage certificates. Furthermore, these applicants must also be able to provide documentation that shows they have been using these names for at least five years.

Furthermore, candidates who apply for a US passport name change using Form DS-82 and apply through the mail need to be sure that they are eligible to use this form type. In order to apply with this documentation, petitioners need to be sure they:

  • Still have their most recent passport cards or books, which they can submit alongside their name change requests.
  • Were 16 years of age or older when they obtained their last passports.
  • Received their most recent passports less than 15 years ago.

What documents do I need to get a passport name change?

The documents that applicants need to provide when they request a passport name change vary, depending on what type of petitioner they are. However, the following documents and information is required for the majority of applicants:

  • Applicants’ most recent passports: Petitioners must submit the physical copy of their most recent passport books or cards.
  • Original copies of legal documents: In order to get a passport name change after marriage, candidates need to be sure they bring original copies of their marriage records. In other instances, petitioners need to produce original copies of any relevant court orders that were issued for their name changes.
  • Color passport photos: Applicants need to submit appropriate passport photos as part of their requests for name change updates.

Furthermore, claimants who submit a US passport name change petition through the mail need to be sure that they send these documents through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Otherwise, their documents may not arrive, and they will need to resubmit their materials.

How much is the passport name change fee?

Depending on claimants’ situations, they may need to pay a passport name change fee. Applicants who received their current passports within the previous year may submit name change requests for no additional fees. Alternatively, all other candidates must pay a passport renewal name change fee that is associated with their respective age brackets. Generally, this amount is the same as what they would pay to renew their passports in general. The fees are as follows:

  • $110: Passport book applicants who are 16 years of age or older
  • $30: Passport card applicants who are 16 years of age or older
  • $140: Passport book and card applicants who are 16 years of age or older
  • $80: Passport book applicants who are younger than 16 years of age
  • $15: Passport card applicants who are younger than 16 years of age
  • $95: Passport book and card applicants who are younger than 16 years of age

In addition to paying for this standard passport name change cost, candidates must remember that they may need to pay an additional $35 execution or acceptance fee. This especially applies to children or adults who need to submit their requests in person at the passport office. All candidates are responsible for paying additional fees if they need their passports with their new names quickly. Pricing to expedite passport applications may vary, but applicants can usually complete the requests online through trusted third-party providers.