How to Add Pages to a Passport

Frequent international travelers may want to add pages to their passport so they can keep going abroad. However, as of 2016, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) no longer allows individuals to buy extra passport pages. However, this does not mean that travelers need to stop taking tips. Instead, these individuals must submit a US passport renewal request to the federal government and obtain new passport book.

The process for how to renew a passport is simple. However, it is critical that you understand this procedure if you want to continue traveling abroad. With a blank passport, you also have the opportunity to begin collecting stamps again. For most individuals, a new passport book can usually last several years or until the passport expires.

Why do I need more passport pages?

Generally, applicants need to have blank passport pages if they plan on leaving the country. This is due to the fact that international customs agents need to have pages where they can stamp visitors’ passports when they enter or leave a country. If travelers do not have blank pages in their passport books, they may not be able to enter those countries. In fact, certain countries have specific rules regarding how many blank pages passport book holders need to have to enter. In order to avoid confusion, individuals should confirm this information with the federal government before they travel.

How to Submit a Passport Renewal Request

You can find your passport renewal application online. This document, Form DS-82, is available as a PDF on the DOS website. You can also input your information directly into a fillable version of the document online. In either case, you must then print your US passport renewal form and mail it to the Department of State (DOS). Generally, it takes between four and six weeks for your renewal to be processed. However, if you need your document sooner, you can request to have your passport expedited online.