A Beginner’s Guide to the Passport DS 86 Form

DS 86 is a form you may need to fill out if you believe your passport card or book was lost in the mail. When you apply for these federal identification documents under normal circumstances, it usually takes between four and six weeks for the government to process your request. Once your passport is issued, it usually takes an additional 10 days for your identification card to arrive at your address. While these time frames can vary depending on demand and other similar factors, this is usually how long you will need to wait. However, there are circumstances where documents do not arrive, and there can be a passport lost in the mail.

In these circumstances, you must know how to report your lost passport to the federal government. You may be stressed or nervous when your passport does not arrive, and this tension can increase if you have an international trip coming up soon. However, it is important to remain calm and complete the necessary steps. By filling out the DS 86 form, you can alert the federal government that your document never arrived, which can help reduce the likelihood that your passport fell into the wrong hands.

How can I tell if my passport was lost in the mail?

Today, it is easy for residents to tell if they are facing situations where their lost passport is stuck somewhere in the postal system. In fact, requesters can conveniently check their passport application status by following their delivery projection dates online. Applicants can view whether or not their travel documents have been shipped by tracking their passport delivery timeline online through the Online Passport System. Alternatively, individuals may also confirm the status of their passport card or book by calling the National Passport Information Center (NPIC).

Furthermore, know that if your passport book or card shows that it has been mailed, your document is likely in transit. However, if your document does not arrive within 10 days from when records indicate it was mailed, it may have gotten lost in transit. In these circumstances, you may prepare to contact the NPIC and fill out a DS 86 form to report your missing documents.

Where can I find a copy of the DS 86 form?

Most passport applicants obtain copies of Form DS 86 online. In fact, a PDF version of this document is readily available on the U.S. Department of State’s website. If individuals have access to the internet and printers, they can download blank copies of this document, fill it out and turn it in to the federal government. If applicants do not have access to personal computers so they can print this lost passport form, they may be able to use public computers at a library or similar facility.

What information do I need to fill out the DS 86 form?

After you call and confirm with the NPIC that you need to fill out the DS 86 form, you should gather the relevant information so you can submit this document. This form is short and simple to use. You will need to include the following information in order to complete the DS-86:

  • An indication of whether you did not receive your passport card, book or both of these documents
  • Your name, Social Security Number and mailing address, which you reported on your initial passport application
  • Your phone number, date of birth and upcoming travel dates
  • An indication of whether you received the proofs and other identification documents you submitted to the Department of State when you submitted with your US passport application form

How long do I have to report my lost US passport?

Keep in mind that there is no official time limit relating to when you need to report that your passport was lost in the mail. However, it is in your best interest to relay this information to the federal government as soon as possible. Every day you do not have your passport is another day someone else could be using it without your permission and stealing your identity. In order to lessen the likelihood that you will become a victim of identity theft, consult with an NPIC representative and learn when you should report that your documents never arrived.

However, if you are concerned about paying new replacement fees for submitting a US passport application form, there is a time frame during which you must report your passport as missing. In fact, you need to submit your DS 86 form within 90 days from the issue date associated with your passport card or book. If you wait longer than this three-month period to submit your request, you will be required to again pay the passport application and acceptance fees that correspond to your document.

How much does it cost to report a lost passport and fill out DS 86?

If you report that your passport was lost in the mail within 90 days from when your document was issued, you do not need to pay any amount to have your document reissued. However, if you waited until after this time period, you are responsible for paying the passport application fees that correspond to the document you requested in the first place. These totals include:

  • Adult passport book: $110
  • Adult passport card: $30
  • Child passport book: $80
  • Child passport card: $15

Remember that the passport application fee you must pay is in addition to the acceptance or execution fee. This acceptance fee costs an additional $35.

What documents do I need to submit along with Form DS 86?

When you submit the DS 86 form to report that you never received your passport, you must also submit photo identification to validate your identity. Specifically, you need to provide a photocopy of your government identification card. Be sure to include a clear image of the front and back of the document so the department can process your request. Acceptable forms of identification cards that fulfill this requirement include your driver’s license or state-issued identification card.