Passport Agency Locations

Find a passport agency near you. These passport agencies are a federal government authorized office that handle, verify and notarize passport applications. Find out how to make an appointment, the office hours of operations, passport agency phone number and more by selecting a regional passport agency below.

Your Guide to the Passport Agency

Many international travelers hear of the passport agency and misunderstand how these facilities work and what purposes they serve. Sometimes, applicants even mistake the agency for a standard passport office, which is an acceptance facility that candidates can visit and apply for their passports in person. Usually, the office is located in a government building, such as a library or post office whereas a passport agency is usually in its own space. While this distinction may seem small, it is actually very important for applicants to understand which of these facilities they need to visit when they need their federal identification documentation.

Before candidates can visit an agency to apply for a US passport, there are various requirements that they must meet. Usually, applicants visit a US passport agency when they need to obtain their documents quickly, which can make their trips to these facilities seem overwhelming. The sections below explain some of the reasons that could require petitioners to need to visit these agencies, as well as describe what types of services they can receive at their nearest facilities.

How is the passport agency different from the passport office?

A passport agency is different from a passport office. Furthermore, candidates need to understand these differences in order to understand where they need to go to apply for their documents. Each of these facilities have different requirements that applicants need to meet before they can apply for their passports there. For example, the passport office is the more general of these two locations. Most anyone can apply for a passport by visiting these facilities, so long as they do not need their passports immediately.

On the other hand, a passport agency is a facility that candidates can only visit if they have an emergency situation that requires them to obtain their passports within a short period of time. Generally, applicants can only request their expedited passport documents through an agency if their situation relates to one of the following scenarios:

  • Family emergency – If an applicant’s family member is sick or injured abroad, the petitioner can apply for an expedited passport at the agency so he or she can join the relative.
  • Funerals abroad – Candidates who need to travel abroad for unexpected funerals may visit an agency and obtain their passports books or cards at these facilities.
  • Immediate travel – Petitioners who have international travel plans that take place within three weeks may visit a passport agency to obtain their documents. However, applicants must also submit proof of their upcoming travel arrangements to their agency appointments.

Is there a passport agency near me?

Once petitioners learn if they need to visit an agency, they may ask, “Is there a passport agency near me?” However, the answer to this question depends entirely on where applicants live. There are 26 passport agencies that are located throughout the country, and they are in locations as far as Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. In order to help service as many people as possible, these facilities are located in major cities in various parts of the country. For example, cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, DC, all have passport agencies that people can visit to obtain documents.

Regardless, these passport agency locations are not practical for everyone. This is especially true for petitioners who live in rural areas or in states that do not have their own facility. In these instances, applicants must research online to find their closest agency. This information is available on the U.S. Department of State’s official website.

Do I need an appointment to visit the passport agency?

Before candidates decide to visit a passport agency, there are several important steps they must take. One of these includes scheduling an appointment at their nearest facilities. Candidates who wish to speak with a representative at a US passport agency are obligated to schedule appointments beforehand. This helps to ensure that individuals always have an agent available to help them obtain the documents they need. Likewise, scheduling appointments also helps to reduce the amount of time candidates need to wait once they arrive at the facility because representatives know when to expect them.

Furthermore, there are two ways that applicants can schedule an appointment to speak with a representative at their regional passport agency. First, petitioners can visit the government website and arrange their appointments online. Candidates may only use this method if they have an email address they can use to receive communication from the Department of State. Applicants can also use this online portal to:

  • Reschedule an appointment they previously made.
  • Cancel an appointment.
  • Confirm an upcoming appointment.

Alternatively, petitioners can schedule an appointment at their nearest passport agency by calling the National Passport Information Center. This option is available for candidates who do not have a computer or access to the internet, which prohibits them from scheduling their appointments online.

How much does it cost to apply for a passport at the agency?

Once petitioners locate their nearest passport agency and schedule an appointment at the facility, they may want to know how much they can expect to pay for their passport documents. First, all candidates who apply at an agency need to know that they are required to pay a $60 expedited passport fee. This is nonnegotiable, considering the fact that only candidates who have immediate travel plans are able to obtain their documents at these facilities. Furthermore, applicants may also be expected to pay an acceptance fee, which costs an additional $35. In particular, this may apply to adult applicants who have never received a passport before and children of any age.

Additionally, there are some standard passport fees that applicants must pay when they apply for documentation. However, these totals vary depending on whether or not the candidates are older than 16 years of age and if they are applying for a passport card or passport book. In any case, the passport application fees are as follows:

  • Child passport book – $80
  • Child passport card – $15
  • Adult passport book – $110
  • Adult passport card – $30