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Your Guide to Getting a Baby Passport for Your Child

“Do babies need passports?” is a question that many new parents ask, and the answer is simple. Regardless of a child’s age, he or she needs a valid US passport to travel out of the country. This is true whether or not the infant or toddler is traveling with a parent or guardian.

If you want to get a US passport for a baby, know that this process is not very different from the application procedure for adults or older children. In fact, learning how to get a passport for a baby is simple and straightforward. The information below explains how you can submit your child’s passport application and what to do once the document arrives.

How to Get a Passport for a Baby

Getting a passport for a baby is no different than obtaining a passport for a first-time adult applicant. The requirements are also the same as they are for older child passport applicants. In order to get a passport for a toddler or infant, you must apply in person at a federal passport office location. During this time, be sure to bring the following items:

  • Passport Form DS-11 and parental waiver forms, if applicable
  • A baby passport photo that meets federal requirements
  • Proof of citizenship in the United States and relationship to parents, as well as copies
  • Parents’ government-issued identification documents and copies
  • Payment for the infant’s passport card or book application, as well as other relevant fees
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Without these documents, your child may be unable to get his or her baby passport. In order to reduce processing delays, be sure arrive with this information prepared.

Do infants and toddlers have to sign their baby passports?

When your baby passport arrives in the mail, check that all of the information recorded is correct. If you ordered a passport book, there is a line on one of the pages where your child’s signature must be. However, if your infants or toddlers cannot complete the act of signing their passport, you may do so for them. In order to properly meet this requirement, you must:

  • Print your child’s name in the signature space.
  • Sign your name in the signature space.
  • Record your relationship to your child in parenthesis next to your signature.