How to Make a Post Office Passport Appointment

The USPS passport office is an acceptance facility for individuals who want to request travel documents. General applicants need to come to these facilities if they want to go abroad soon. This is because international travelers are required to have federal passports if they want to leave the country.

There are many locations throughout the nation where you can apply for a US passport. However, few facilities are as accessible as the post office passport office. Most urban and rural communities have these facilities, and you can visit them for all of your passport-related needs. Due to the multitude of services that these offices offer you, you should consider going to one when you need to submit your materials. However, you may need to make an appointment first.

Do I need an appointment to visit the USPS passport office?

Not every post office requires you to make an appointment in order to submit your official passport application there. Some facilities allow you to walk in on any day to speak with a representative and discuss your application. However, this is not always the case. In some circumstances, you would need to schedule a passport appointment before you arrive.

It can be confusing to know if you need to arrange a US passport appointment if you want to apply at a post office. However, it is simple to check if you must make these arrangements beforehand. The post office’s official website provides information regarding how you can find a post office near you. Once you find a facility in your area, you can review online if it requires appointments. Alternatively, you can call your nearest office and ask if an appointment is required.

How to Schedule a Post Office Passport Appointment

Once you find a facility that requires you to make passport appointments, you must schedule a time to meet with State Department workers. Depending on your post office, you may be able to do this by:

  • Accessing the post office’s online passport appointment system and reserving your meeting time.
  • Calling your post office of choice to see if you can schedule an appointment by phone.
  • Visiting the USPS passport office in person to see if you can schedule an appointment soon.

What to Bring to the USPS Passport Acceptance Facility

Once you schedule your post office passport appointment, you need to bring specific documents with you. Even if you have an appointment, you cannot successfully submit your application unless you have the following items:

  • Federal passport form DS 11. This is the official form for all first-time adult applicants. Additionally, all child passport applicants are required to use this document to request their documents.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship. You need to bring an official birth certificate with you when you apply for a passport at the post office. If you were born abroad, you need to bring your naturalization certificate.
  • Photo identification. You are required to bring a copy of your photo identification. This document must have been issued by the state or federal government.
  • Colored passport photo. You need to submit a passport photo in color. Furthermore, this document must meet all of the federal government’s requirements for passport pictures.
  • Payment. Most applicants are required to pay passport fees when they apply for passports. If you are using DS-11, you likely need to pay an application and an acceptance fee during your passport appointment. If you would like to have your passport expedited, you must pay an additional fee.