Your Guide to Obtaining Costco Passport Photos

Costco passport photos are a practical solution to a dilemma many travelers face. Before individuals plan on traveling abroad, they need to apply for a passport. Before applicants visit their local passport facilities to submit their requests, they must be sure to have appropriate headshots with them. Otherwise, travelers will likely be unable to obtain their documents. In turn, this setback can delay travel plans before they even begin.

Throughout the nation, many states have a Costco photo center that you can visit. Generally, these locations are situated inside large Costco warehouse stores. When you visit one of these facilities, you can speak with a representative about your request. These workers are trained to provide you with images that meet the government's passport photo requirements. However, it is your responsibility to check and ensure that your photos are appropriate before you apply for your travel documents. The sections below explain these image requirements. The following sections also explain how you can find a Costco photo location near you and how much you can expect to spend for your prints.

Do Costco passport photos meet federal requirements?

When you request a Costco photo, it can be a two-part service. Depending on the location, employees may be able to take your photo for you. This image needs to meet specific requirements. The rules relating to you and how you must be positioned in your picture include:

  • Expression. You must have a neutral expression in your photo, and you must keep both of your eyes open. You may smile, as long as it looks natural.
  • Angle. You must fully face the camera in your passport photo. Furthermore, you must be looking forward toward the camera.
  • Clothing. For your picture, you should wear the same type of clothes you wear daily. Avoid wearing extravagant dresses or suits that are not part of your normal attire.
  • Hats. Without an official medical or religious explanation, you cannot wear anything that covers your head for your picture. If you have a written reason for why you cannot remove these items, bring it with you when you submit your passport application.
  • Glasses. You will likely need to take off your glasses when you get your photo taken. If you need to keep them on for medical purposes, be ready to submit a note at your local passport office to explain why.

After you request the Costco printing services, check to make sure your image looks correct. Then, workers can print the image for you. When you receive your copy, be sure that the photo is:

  • Not blurry, and you are clearly visible in the image.
  • Printed as a 2x2 inch picture.
  • Displayed on matte or glossy photo paper.
  • Not digitally altered or edited in any way.
  • Taken with a plain, white or off-white background behind you.

How much does a Costco passport photo cost?

The Costco passport photo price that you can expect to pay may vary by location. However, this facility is generally one of the cheapest places to get your photo taken and developed. Sometimes, your nearest Costco facility may offer seasonal or promotional discounts. Therefore, you should be sure to check with your local store to see how much you can expect to pay.

Where to Get a Costco Passport Photo Coupon

If you want to lower the Costco passport photo cost you can expect to pay, look for coupons online. When discounts are available, the store’s official website should offer these promotional deals. Therefore, be sure to continually check the company’s website so you are updated on all savings opportunities. If you have specific questions on ways to save on your Costco photo services, call the center closest to you. This way, you can speak with a representative about savings opportunities in your area.

Can I print my passport photo at the Costco photo center?

Depending on the location, you may be able to visit a Costco photo center and have a worker take your photo. However, not everyone wants to take advantage of this service. If you already have an image in your possession and just want to print a passport photo, you can also do this at Costco. You can submit your image to the company, and a worker can print it for you. Regardless of which method you choose, be sure that your picture meets all of the requirements mentioned above. Additionally, ensure that your photo:

  • Was taken within the previous six months.
  • Is not a selfie.
  • Has not been altered using filters from social media or other sources.