Where to Get a Passport Before You Go Abroad

A passport acceptance facility is a location that individuals need to use to request their travel documents. At these places, travelers can officially apply for a passport. Depending on how quickly visitors need their identification, they may also be able to obtain their documents on the same day they apply. However, applicants need to remember that there are two major types of locations they can visit: agencies and offices and not every visitor can use both.

When travelers wonder where to get a passport, it is important that they first understand the differences between these facilities. Likewise, individuals need to know how they can determine which of these locations they qualify to use. By knowing which US passport office or agency can assist them, travelers can ensure they obtain the help they need before they go abroad.

Where can I get a passport?

Once you learn that there are different places where you can submit a passport application, you may wonder which facility is the best option for you. In most instances, applicants will either need to visit a passport agency or office to submit their materials. However, the major difference between these locations is that the agency only processes applicants’ express requests. This means that travelers who need an expedited passport can visit these locations. If individuals do not necessarily need their documents within the month, they need to apply at an office instead.

Using the Passport Office

The majority of travelers need to obtain their federal identification at a passport office. First-time adult applicants and children who need passports can come to these facilities and submit their requests. Most cities and towns have at least one of these offices in their communities. However, some parts of the country even have various US passport office locations that applicants can visit.

If you wonder, “Where is there a passport office near me?” know that these facilities may be in places you do not expect. Your nearest passport office could be located in one of the following buildings:

  • Public libraries. You may be able to submit your application at your community library. Call this facility beforehand and confirm it is a certified acceptance facility.
  • City buildings. City financial offices and county clerk offices may be places where you can submit your passport request.
  • Post offices. The post office passport acceptance facility is one of the most common places for applicants to visit.

Regardless of which federal passport office you visit, be sure to bring all necessary documents with you. If you do not meet the requirements to apply for a passport, you will be unable to obtain your identification at that time.

Guide to the Passport Agency

There are 27 US passport agency facilities located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. These places serve as a visa and passport agency where travelers can request expedited documents. Generally, applicants can submit their requests at these agencies if they need visas within the month or passports in less than two weeks.

Since there is a finite number of these facilities, only large cities have these agencies. Travelers may wonder, “Is there a passport agency near me?” Examples of cities where applicants can find these facilities include:

  • Atlanta.
  • Boston.
  • Chicago.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Miami.
  • New York.

In some instances, these facilities may even serve as same day passport locations. This means that travelers can obtain their documents on the day they request them. However, applicants should confirm with their nearest agency whether this service is available to them. Additionally, travelers need to know that they are required to schedule passport agency appointments before they come to these facilities. If travelers do not arrange their meetings beforehand, they will likely be unable to speak with representatives during their visits.