Massachusetts Passport Offices

This page provides a list of cities that have Massachusetts passport office locations. They can assist you with any questions or issues you might have with your passport. You can also call and schedule an appointment to get the passport application started. We provide the Massachusetts passport office phone number and office hours. If you want to search for a location near your address, find a passport office near me.

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Are applications available at the Massachusetts passport office?

The Massachusetts passport office should have DS-11 applications available for you to use. You can fill out these hard copies in the office or complete them at home. If you do not want to go to a passport office in Massachusetts to obtain these applications, you can also download them online. When you apply for a passport in Massachusetts, it may be useful to review the application before you start to fill it out. Regardless of where you obtain your application, make sure you have all the necessary supporting documents when you apply.

How do you get a passport in Massachusetts?

You must submit an official passport application in Massachusetts to apply for your travel credentials. If you have never had a passport before, you need to go to an office and apply. You cannot submit a new passport application online or by mail. It is also important to ensure you have the mandatory supporting documentation before you attempt to apply for your passport, no matter where you visit.

However, if you are wondering, “How do I renew my passport in Massachusetts?” you may be able to do so by mail. This convenient passport renewal opportunity is only available to certain adult applicants. If you do not qualify for a Mass passport renewal using this method, you must go to an office and apply.

What are the passport prices in Massachusetts?

If you are getting a passport in Massachusetts, remember to come prepared to pay for your document. Some of the usual passport costs associated with first-time applicants include:

Massachusetts passport locations may require that you only use certain methods to pay. Confirm whether office workers can accept your specific form of payment before you go.