New York Passport Offices

This page provides a list of cities that have New York passport office locations. They can assist you with any questions or issues you might have with your passport. You can also call and schedule an appointment to get the passport application started. We provide the New York passport office phone number and office hours. If you want to search for a location near your address, find a passport office near me.

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User’s Guide to the New York Passport Office

Does everyone need to go to a New York passport office to apply?

You will probably need to go to a passport office in New York to apply for your travel documents. This is especially true if you have never received this travel credential before. In fact, first-time applicants are usually required to apply in person at a federal facility. Whether you are searching for a passport acceptance facility in NYC or in another city, there should be one near you.

However, keep in mind that there are some instances when you do not need to apply for a US passport office in person. For example, you probably do not need to renew your travel documents at an office. Instead, you may qualify to file your passport renewal by mail. However, there are certain criteria you need to meet before you can use this option.

Where can I get my passport photos in New York?

In order to submit your New York state passport application, you need to include a picture of yourself. This image needs to meet specific passport photo requirements. One of the easiest ways to make sure your photo follows federal guidelines is to have a professional take it. Sometimes, the U.S. passport office where you apply will offer photo services. However, this is not a guarantee, so confirm this information with your local office. If you cannot get your passport photos at an office, go to a pharmacy. Places like Walgreens or CVS may offer these services.

What are the requirements to apply at a New York passport agency?

If you need to apply for a same-day passport in New York, you may need to go to a federal passport agency. There are 27 of these facilities across the nation and in Puerto Rico, and there are two in New York. One is in Buffalo, and the other is in New York City. These agencies are different from offices because you can only go to an office to apply for an expedited passport. Additionally, there are other requirements you need to meet to apply for a passport at an agency. These include:

  • Scheduling an appointment – You are required to schedule a passport appointment in order to apply at an agency.
  • Upcoming travel plans – You must need your passport in fewer than two weeks so you can go abroad. Alternatively, you can apply at an agency if you need the document within a month.
  • Proof of travel – Be sure to bring proof that you are leaving the country soon. Examples of possible documentation includes plane tickets or cruise itineraries.
  • Paying your fees – It costs $60 for you to pay to have your passport expedited. You are responsible for paying this fee in addition to your other passport costs.