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South Dakota Passport Offices

This page provides a list of cities that have South Dakota passport office locations. They can assist you with any questions or issues you might have with your passport. You can also call and schedule an appointment to get the passport application started. We provide the South Dakota passport office phone number and office hours. If you want to search for a location near your address, find a passport office near me.

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Do I need an appointment to apply at a South Dakota passport office?

Your nearest South Dakota passport office may require you to schedule an appointment in order to apply there. However, keep in mind that this varies based on location. Passport offices are federal facilities, but they can set their own procedural requirements. As a result, you may need an appointment to apply for a passport at one facility but not another. To avoid confusion and delays when you apply, check with your office to learn about its requirements. This can save you valuable time throughout the process.

How much does a passport cost in South Dakota?

South Dakota passport fees are the same as they are in other states since passports are forms of federal identification. As a result, states do not decide how much they cost. However, keep in mind that there are different factors that can affect your passport cost. For example, if you are younger than 16 years of age, you pay a reduced fee. Likewise, if you apply for a passport card instead of a book, you will pay a higher fee. Regardless, remember that if you have never had a passport before, you must pay an additional acceptance/execution fee, which is $35.

Which South Dakota passport application do I need to fill out?

When you go to a SD passport office, you need to submit application form DS-11. This is the standard new passport application that all first-time requesters must use. When you are finished filling out this form, you must submit it at an office. Make sure you do not use federal form DS-82. This document is reserved for renewal candidates. Furthermore, you can only submit DS-82 by mail. You cannot submit it in person at a federal passport office.